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We run Back Office service Accounts for:

Individuals where a member is supposed to remit a minimum of KES 3000 or CN 200 each month

Corporate savings – Account for limited companies.

Group Savings for Investment groups and co-partners who seek for a saving platform

Social Savings Services for members or groups who prefer to save for financing of specific events/activities such as Weddings, flight tickets or holiday trips



Our members qualify for loans after consistently saving with us without breaching the agreement for a minimum period of six months

Normal Loan: This is a basic scheme based loan and can be paid up to a maximum of 36 months and attracts an interest of 2.0% per month. These loans are disbursed twice a month. Maximum amount is 300% of current shares. The security for this type of loans is based on guarantors or assets in member’s ownership.

Development Loan: This loan is based on the main scheme savings (deposits) . Maximum entitlement is x4 scheme shares. Maximum loan repayment period is 48 months. It’s tailored in the form of bank loans and offered at a borrowing rate of 12% per month on a reducing balance. Repayment ability (supported by applicant’s pay slip or three months bank statement for those not in salaried employments) determines the maximum amount of loan to the member subject to two thirds rule. Loans are granted once every month and deadline for submitting applications is on the 12th of every month. Disbursements are made by 12th of the subsequent month.

Super Loan: This is a secured loan provided to members with huge savings with a Maximum repayment period of 64 months. It’s only available for members who have savings or shares equivalent or more than KES 500,000. Loans are processed on need basis, and will be processed in a period of not more than one month to allow adequate time for documentation and proper verification. This loan is secured by an insurance policy linking KCD SACCO with an insurance provider.

Emergency Loan: These are loans available anytime and attract an interest of 1.0% with a maximum repayment of 12 months. It ranges from a Minimum amount of KES 10,000 UP-TO Max of KES 200,000. The loan is processed within 12 hours of application.

College/School fees Loan: This loan is offered on the basis of scheme savings x3 of the total shares/deposits with a cap of KES 300,000. It’s repayable within a Maximum period of 36 months. Collateral for these loans is basically guarantors. These loans are processed within a time frame of 1 to 3 days.

Medical loan Borrow up-to a Maximum of KES 100,000 with a maximum repayment period of 12 months, and pay for your medical bills with a lower interest of 1.5%. This loan is only applicable to our members who have registered for KCD SACCO Welfare Kitty and have fulfilled all the requirements as per the Welfare policy. The collateral for the loans is set to be guarantors.

Social/Anniversary Loans These loans are offered to our members to cater for their anniversaries i.e. Birthday and Wedding parties, or planned trips. Members will have to create a savings plan of 6 months prior to the actual date of the event. Loans are offered upto a maximum repayment period of 12 months. It’s offered on very flexible collateral and competitive borrowing rates.

Asset Financing This is a short to medium term loan granted to clients for purchase of capital assets, mainly Residential apartments or housing, Motor vehicle, motor bikes, construction equipments, industrial plant and machinery, plots, agricultural equipments and land. It’s offered on attractive interest rate with a maximum repayment period of up to 36 Months.

LPO Financing This is designed to meet financial needs of suppliers and contractors to enable them deliver their LPO / LSOs effectively and efficiently. The requirements include but not least; A valid LPO/LSO from recognized companies; Reference of previous work / supplies done; A specific amount on investment deposits; and, a completed tripartite agreement form showing the obligation of each party. A convenient repayment period is offered for this type of loans based on the contract type. We use flexible collateral depending on loan purpose and amount. An account must have been in operation for at least 3 months.

Top-Up Loans: This product is available for all credit products. A member can top up on the remaining balance and all conditions of that specific product shall apply. A percentage of 5% shall be charged on the cleared balance. The loanee shall be required to fill a new application form.

Group Loans These loans are offered to registered groups or co-operate companies Group members should be at least 6 members per group . The group must have actively operated an account for a period not less than 6 Months. Each group member must have been making a monthly contribution of KES 500 per month, and the records of payment to be provided and verified on application. Loan granted through members co-guarantee or on a procured insurance policy. Very competitive interest rates A maximum repayment period of up to 36 months

Digital Express Loan We provide an express loan with a maximum of KES 15,000 at 1.2% rate for our members to instantly solve minor teething problems without a hustle. Loan processed at least in 10 (ten) minutes. The Maximum repayment period is one Month.



a. Benevolent Fund

- We offer welfare support to our members termed as a benevolent fund in times of bereavement covering the principal member and a maximum of four (4) dependents in case of death. The Principal member is covered by 10000RMB payable to his/her nominee and each dependent is covered by 8000RMB payable to the principal contributor. Each member qualifies to benefit from the benevolent fund after saving and paying all dues consistently for a period of four months, as well as abiding by all the regulations

b. Risk/Medical Fund

- We look forward to provide a risk /medical fund or cover for our members by partnership

General Loan Requirements

KCD SACCO draws its members mainly from:

  • All loans will be processed on the principal of first come first served basis
  • All loans must be guaranteed unless the applicant’s deposits are higher than the loan applied and has not guaranteed any other loan.
  • No new loan will be processed unless the previous ones are being serviced according to terms
  • Any loan not being serviced will attract accrued interest for every month in default
  • No loan shall be granted in excess of 10% of the total Society deposits and reserves
  • Every loan processed will attract an initial interest at the rate of 2.5 % of the loan granted
  • Monthly deposit contribution will be a minimum of KES 3,000
  • A Member can Self guarantee upto 90% of savings
  • A title deed for land within county/municipalities will be acceptable
  • 40% of the Nairobi securities could be attached subject the loans committee decision
  • Insurance policy can be attached to cover 100% of the loan.
  • Must have not breached the rules of consistently making such deposits as required by the laws
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